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Newscron – news aggregation done right.

Newscron is a Swiss start-up company which started as a research project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, aimed at understanding how the amount of information affects users’ behavior.

With our first mobile application «Newscron» on store since well over two years and with more than 500’000 downloads, we’ve come to the conclusion that algorithms can be a great help in classifying huge amounts of data, but they will always succumb in comparison to a human when it comes to evaluating the quality of content. This is why we developed «Niuws». It has all of Newscron’s amazing server-side data crunching logic, but combines it with specialists selecting only the best articles from their area of expertise every day.

Newscron consists of a highly motivated, international team of seven developers, geeks and news lovers from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Egypt and Croatia, working in our headquarters in Lugano or from our Zurich office.

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